Special Editions

Welcome to Kids Post where we help Kids engage their bodies and minds through fun in educational activities.

Our Special Features

3D Edition

Visual Treat is also a tool to teach children. Learning is fun only when it is not done in a RUN OF THE MILL way. KIDS POST encourages kids to learn about the wonderful world of 3D.
Kids can wear their 3D Glasses provided by Kids Post, and they would enjoy beautiful animals, birds, monuments, mythological characters, people Etc. Coming out of our magazine in 3d format. This is one platform that encourages the children to develop an understanding of the marvelous technology in the world in 3Dimentions. In our 3D edition, all the images would be in a 3D format with normal text.

Scan QR & AR

Kids Post Introduces QR and AR Magazine for kids.
We offer extra content in our magazine through Android and IOS devices.
QR codes provide a motivating way to get the content into the hands of our learners.
KIDS POST invites kids to interact innovatively with our newspaper by adding a QR Code and turning your page into an enhanced experience.
Bringing Kids closer to stories through different media such as Audio and Video.
Recent studies have demonstrated that QR & AR technology improves literacy in children.
You just need to scan and enjoy.


Sunny Funny

Go outside and get some sunshine because it is the best medicine.
KIDS POST publishes it’s unique edition” SUNNY FUNNY” for kids. The picture in our edition will appear colourless.
When exposed to sunlight or UV light, the picture and text will be visible.
Kids Will have a lot of fun with our magical edition.
The ink used is solar active, phthalate-free, environment friendly, and harmless for kids

Water Paint

As we all know, painting with colours is a fun-filled activity for kids.
But painting with water????
Yes, KIDS POST has introduced
Kids can paint with water in a specific area so that the image will be transparent and they can view the picture behind it. After the paper dries, it can be reversed. Kids can try this several times.

Rubbing Magic

GEM is not polished without rubbing
Everyone has their GENIE inside, so rub your lamp.
In our Special Edition” RUBBING MAGIC” the heat is applied by rubbing the image with your fingers. You can see the image, which becomes translucent, revealing the message/image below, and then it will be reversible.
Kids can inspire to see the revealing of previous unseen graphics in our magazine when the heat is applied.

Super Spy Glass

KIDS POST offers a red lens to decode and read the magazine. To your Surprise the information beneath becomes clear.
Bring out the detective skill in everyone by revealing secret messages and pictures.
With our popular super spy glass decoder (Red Filter) to explore our magazine

Glossy Dark

” STARS can’t shine without darkness “
KIDS POST publishes unique edition “GLOSSY DARK “.
The shine in the dark edition will add a magical touch to your kids and bring a smile to their faces.
It’s superior quality and striking ink colour is 100% natural and harmless for kids. It absorbs the energy of nature and emits it in the form of radioactive radium substances.


The human sense of smell is the strongest and most primal of all our senses. It is also closely connected to memory and emotion centers in brains.
KIDS POST introduces FRAGRANCE Edition with being different types of scents where children can feel and smell it. In addition, when children engage with multiple senses, they will remember it. Special inks used are 100% natural and harmless for children.
Feel, Smell, and Enjoy our Special Fragrance Edition.