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know your kid, We know Press & media. Together we can build a New Nation were our kids can thrive.

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Kids Post

Engage kids with authentic and trustworthy journalism, inspire them to join the national and international discourse on topics. We offer a unique and creative solution to age-appropriate articles of getting a child to read the newspaper. Every month, Our publishing program reflects and respects children’s intelligence, creativity, and curiosity with engaging, writing, and creative illustration. Each issue is based on different editorial themes and keeps kids curious about the next edition.

Kids Post is Published 11 times a year, monthly except for combined double April/May edition free delivery all over India. Kids Post Magazine for kids aged more than 3 years have fun, educational, and inspiring.


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Our Experts

Every Article in Kids Post is either developed or inspired by top artists, Explorers, chefs, athletes, Activists, Writers, and Others. Our goal is to give our young readers a more well-rounded sense of the world and the possibilities within it.